Building Department

The purpose is to ensure that all public and private structures are built to strict standards to provide safe environments where we live, work, and play. To accomplish this purpose, the Code Compliance staff performs plan reviews, issues building permits, performs inspections, and enforces property maintenance standards.

Building Codes

Staff is responsible for enforcing construction standards, building codes, materials and methods of construction arising from advancing technology.

The following are various Village Codes, Ordinances, and Guidelines adopted by the Village and used to review plans once they have been submitted for zoning approvals and/or permits. Ensuring that your submittal complies with these codes can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to conduct plan reviews.

Village Codes & Ordinances           

Plan Reviews for New Construction and Additions

Please refer to the following for guidelines on submitting plans for review:

Permit Guidelines for Renovations, Remodeling, and Maintenance

Please refer to the following for guidelines for renovation, remodeling and maintenance projects:

Some of the improvements you may wish to make to your home may require a building permit. It is your responsibility to check with the Code Compliance staff and secure a permit if it is required.


In addition to obtaining a permit, please make sure that all proper inspections for the permitted work are performed. Inspections shall be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance by calling the Building Department at (847) 438-6000

Click on the links below to obtain a copy of the appropriate form or other information:

Building Permit Application

Contractor Registration Application

 Sewer Repair

Fire Suppression System

Fire Alarm System