Commercial Tenant Buildout

Below you will find a summary of the code requirements for Commercial Build Outs within the Village of Kildeer. This summary is based upon the 2009 International Building Code. After reading this handout, please feel free to call the Building and Zoning Department at 847-438-6000 if you have any questions.

Required items to submit with application:

  • Building Permit Application (signed by the property owner)
  • Four complete sets of plans
  • Digital plans (PDF) of floor plans must be submitted to the Village.
  • Signed & sealed by a licensed architect or design professional
  • Job Address on each page
  • Index of Drawings on Title Page
  • List of applicable codes
  • List Use Group & Type of Construction
  • Comm-Check Energy Compliance Report
  • Plan Sets shall include:
    • Floor Plan
    • Wall Sections
    • ADA stair detail
    • ADA toilet room detail
    • Electrical Plan
    • EXIT & Emergency lighting Plan
    • Plumbing diagram or isometric drawing
    • Mechanical Plan
  • Contractor Registration Application, $1,000,000 Certificate of Insurance listing homeowner as the additional insured pursuant to a written contract.  There is a $50 fee for registration. Subcontractors must be registered.
  • Lake County Public Works provides sanitary sewer service to certain areas of the Village of Kildeer. In these areas the Village a building permit shall not be issued until the necessary LCPW permit is provided. Please contact LCPW for further information.
  • $1000 Building Permit Deposit, which will be applied toward final permit fees.

Separate permit will be required for:

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Sprinkler system
  • Hood & Duct system (if applicable)

Commercial Alteration/Remodeling Permit Fee’s

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