Development Projects

The Preserves of Kildeer

The Preserves of Kildeer is a single-family residential development located within the Kemper Lakes Golf Course which consists of 31 luxury homes.  Construction is expected to start in 2016.


Kildeer Village Square

Kildeer Village Square is a commercial planned development located on Rand Road in between Chick-Fil-A and Whole Foods.  It will consist of approximately 180,000 square feet of retail space.  Construction is underway and store openings are anticipated for Spring 2017.


Kildeer Bike Path

Construction is underway for Phase 1 of a regional bike path that will ultimately connect the Quentin Collection with a yet to be built bike path along Quentin Road north to Rt. 22 (Phase 2) and then east along Rt. 22 to Egret Marsh Forest Preserve and then onto Heron’s Creek Forest Preserve (Phase 3).
Phase 2 will be part of Lake County’s Quentin Road Improvement project that is scheduled to begin sometime in 2018.
Phase 3 will be part of the State of Illinois Rt. 22 Road Improvement project that is included in IDOT’s five year project list.


Quentin Road Widening Project

Lake County Department of Transportation is undertaking a Quentin Road improvement project.  Phase 1 widened Quentin Road from Rand Road to White Pine Road.  Phase 2 will widen the road from White Pine to Rt. 22 and construction of that phase will start in 2018.


The Churchill Property

The property is located on Rand Road between W. Cuba and Old Rand Roads.  The property is the subject of an Intergovernmental/Boundary Agreement with the Village of Lake Zurich dating back to 1993. Since then several proposals were presented but, for a variety of reasons, the property remains undeveloped.


Rt. 53

A “Blue Ribbon” Committee made up of state and local officials, environmentalists, and business leaders reached consensus and recommended that the Illinois Toll Authority study an extension of Rt. 53 through Lake County nortward to Rt. 120.  The right of way for the proposed extension is on the eastern border of Kildeer and an interchange with Rt. 22 is included in the proposal.  The Toll Authority accepted the recommendation and is studying the extension proposal.


5/3 Bank

The 5/3 Bank is a 4200 sq. ft. single story, neo-colonial style bank at the northwest corner of Route 12 and Quentin Rd. The Village issued a certificate of occupancy to the bank in late 2012 but the bank decided only to make the ATM available to the public.