Driveways and Culverts

A permit is needed to replace driveways and culverts.  To apply for a Driveway and/or Culvert Permit, bring the following 6 items to Kildeer Village Hall:

  1. Complete the Building Permit Application (signed by homeowner)
  2. Bring in 2 (two) copies of your plat of survey.  Indicate on your plat if you are expanding any portions of the driveway.
  3. A signed Driveway Declaration form is required if you are using materials other than concrete or asphalt.
  4. Bring in a copy of your contract or proposal with scope of work and cost of project.
  5. Your contractor must be registered with the Village.  Go to the Contractor Registration page for requirements.
  6. Review your project with your Homeowners Association, and provide the Homeowners Association’s written letter or email approving the project.

Construction Specifications:

  • Pavers or Concrete shall not hinder the natural flow of drainage away from foundations.
  • A gravel base is required.
  • All vegetation shall be removed before the gravel base is installed.
  • All concrete driveways shall be formed, with mesh installed and string lines in place at the time of inspection.
  • Contact Julie (1-800-892-0123 or 811) for locates.

What materials are required?


  • 6 X 6 #10 wire mesh.
  • 4″ of gravel base is required, minimum CA-6, compacted.
  • 4″ of concrete minimum is required (not 3 1/2″). A 6-bag mix per cubic yard, with 3% to 6% air entrainment is required.

Paver Brick

  • Submit specifications indicating the amount of base and the amount of bedding. Driveways require a minimum of 6-12 inches of base and 1-1 ½ inches of bedding. Install the base in 4-inch lifts.
  • Edge restraints must be installed.
  • The base, bedding and paver bricks shall be compacted.


  • Where culverts are required, said culverts shall be fifteen inch (15″) reinforced concrete pipe (RCP CL IV) or as required by the village engineer.

How much will my permit cost?

  • Permit Processing Fee – $75.00
  • Driveway Permit Fee –  $100.00
  • Culvert Permit Fee – $75.00
  • Driveway Declaration Recording Fee – $39.00 (if applicable)

So Now That I’ve Applied – What’s Next?

  • Your application will be reviewed for compliance with building and zoning regulations.  If your project is in compliance with all the applicable codes and ordinances, you should receive your building permit in about 10 business days from the date of the application.  After a Building Permit is issued, the project is inspected at various stages of construction.

Required Inspections:

  • Driveway Base
  • Final Grading
  • Culvert Base prior to backfill


  • Call before 4:00 p.m. to schedule an inspection a minimum of 24 hrs. in advance.  You can request an a.m. or p.m. inspection, Monday thru Friday.
  • Give the permit number and address when calling in for inspections.
  • If the inspector needs to return more than once for the same phase of any required inspection, a $100.00 re-inspection fee is required to be paid before re-inspection.
  • No re-inspection on the same phase of construction will be done in the same 24-hour period.

This handout is written as a guide to common questions and problems.  It is not intended nor shall it be considered a complete set of requirements.  If you have any questions, please contact the Building & Zoning Department at 847-438-6000 for further information.

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