Mosquito Awareness

With the recent occurrence of West Nile Virus to our area; the Village has contracted with Clarke Mosquito who will conduct survey’s of area mosquito breeding grounds and perform necessary treatments if deemed necessary.

However, the Village encourages you to assist in keeping mosquitoes at bay. As individuals, we can do much to protect our own yards by eliminating breeding areas. Mosquitoes develop only in water, and standing water can produce a crop of mosquitoes in just a few days. Birth control begins at home! Particular attention should be paid to bird baths, clogged gutters, ornamental ponds, roadway ditches, low spots in yards, or anywhere standing water collects.

Homeowners are asked to be alert to conditions in their immediate area. Bug lights, attraction of insect eating birds, and personal spraying may also give additional relief. Eliminating potential breeding grounds around your home and spraying where the adult mosquitoes hide will certainly help reduce the mosquito menace around your property. This will result in increasing your enjoyment of summer living outdoors.