Rooftop HVAC Units


Items Required To Obtain A Permit

  • Building Permit Application (signed by the property owner)
  • Roof plan indicating the location of the RTU.
  • Detail of new curb or note existing curb to be used.
  • Cut sheets and installation specifications.
  • Economizer or fresh air damper set for the required amount of outside air for the occupancy.
  • Completed Contractor Registration Form, $1,000,000 Certificate of Insurance listing homeowner as the additional insured pursuant to a written contract.  There is a $50 fee for registration.
  • Service outlet (GFI) must be on a separate 20 amp circuit.
  • Smoke detector on return air side if greater than 2000 CFM.
  • Letter of approval from owner of property or their agent/representative

Cost of Permit

  • Plan Review $75.00
  • Building Permit
    • $125 per 3000 SF Heating
    • $125 per 3000 SF A/C

 Note: Additional fees may be required for changes to or the addition of duct work.

This handout is written as a guide to common questions and problems. It is not intended nor shall it be considered a complete set of requirements. If you have any questions, please contact the Building & Zoning Department at 847-438-6000 for further information.

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